What we do at Nexeco

Nexeco considers waste treatment the final option to conduct always according to the environment’s respect and at the best market conditions.

Nexeco detects and takes as mission statement the “recovery”, activity successfully held in 2015 with the 70% of intermediate waste, originally allocated to the disposal, and instead usede for other purposes.

Nexeco supports the customer in waste management, from their production to the final destination: M.U.D. (Environmental Declaration Form), SISTRI (Waste Tracking System), E.W.C. (European Waste Catalogue) and Hazardous waste list. In addition Nexeco supports the customer in the analysis of solid and liquid waste, building rubble, soil and rock of escavation, industrial and handcrafted waste and refusals of services through conventional laboratories.

Nexeco provides customers with assistance and consultation services and support for the management of all environmental issues in accordance with the law:

  • water, air, remediation of contaminated sites, waste;
  • AUA (Unique Environmental Permit), VIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), AIA (Integrated Environmental Authorization), VAS (Strategic Environmental Assessment);
  • assessment of the likely significant environmental effects, environmental survey, environmental audits, site survey in order to evaluate environmental aspects;
  • Due Diligence, screening in the legal field, technical/legal assistance: legal report;
  • Updated schedule of compliance, updates on regulations (affiliated companies).

Nexeco offers also an engineering services mainly for companies, based on advice ranging from architecture planning, site preparation, testing), safety (Legislative Decree no. 81/08), fire prevention, plant building (electrical engineering, thermo-fluid, air processing, fire protection).